<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/12/94/70/40/57/170901111924.jpg?t=1524420297"><br>PRICE REDUCED! Unbelievable price for this home in this area. Ready for move in. Home was completely remodeled from the studs up in 2006. 2006 remodel highlights: Foundation was leveled and piers were added. *Additional support added to roof. *All sheet rock was replaced plus insulation. *All plumbing was replaced. *All electrical was replaced. *Central AC and heating was installed. *Total kitchen redo. *All windows were replaced. A few interior highlights: Wood flooring; carpet &amp; home theater system installed in 2015. Illuminated kitchen bar that seats four. Exterior high lights: Large office/studio with electricity, window unit plus it's fully insulated. 1525 gallon rainwater tank. 330 sq. ft. back yard deck. Two car permeable lighted driveway with pavers. Re-shingled in 2010. HOME THEATER SYSTEM: Installed in 2015. The living room and bedroom have Home Theater System,. Plus so much more!<br>